Basements, Kitchens, or Whole-Home Renovations & Remodelling

Allendale is the first call you should make for your next project – Renovations Refined!

We work with some of the best locally owned trades in the city, and offer nothing but the best quality services. No corners cut, nothing hidden from you. Don’t waste your time trying to hunt down reliable trades for all of the different aspects of the work you need done!
We specialize in basement development and work with quality products and reliable trades, which result in a longer lasting renovation and makes your new living space feel great! Our “standard” basement development includes all of the following items, which are deemed “upgrades” in comparison with other renovation companies, for a comparable price point:

* Stain resistant carpet is backed by a better warranty, and is more durable than the basic builders-grade. Even iodine will wash out with soap and water!

* Memory foam padding under your new carpet makes your floor feels softer and warmer, especially in basements. This padding also has a moisture barrier on the underside to keep that damp feeling out! Your carpet will feel new longer, as the padding does not break down as quickly as the standard foam.

* We install Wedi waterproofing systems in all tiled areas that are wet: around tubs and showers, and under tile surrounds. This is a cement coated Styrofoam that is 100% waterproof and is backed by a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer!

* Take out those steel studs! Not only will a flat screen TV risk falling, but if there is ever water in your basement, it could be a recipe for an electrical disaster. By removing the steel studs, we also expose your foundation walls and inspect for any issues that you may not know about that could become problems in the future! We then reframe your exterior walls properly with wood studs.

* Data and USB outlets along with the standard, to keep your space up to speed with recharging technology.

* Our bathtubs are a higher quality, with reinforced bases and thicker fibreglass, which keeps your bathwater warmer longer, and the tubs last 3-4 times longer!

* Construction debris is easily drawn into the furnace through returns and spreads throughout the house, and can take weeks or months to filter out, which causes extra dust and results in lots of extra cleaning! We plug these returns so there is minimal intake, but also include a furnace cleaning at the end of every large renovation, such as a basement development. This also includes an inspection of the system and the hot water tank.

Other items that can we provide include:

  • Insulated subfloors to allow laminate or hardwood over concrete.
  • Legal basement suite apartments
  • Adding or changing windows for proper egress
  • Adjusting structural components that are obstacles for the floor plan desired
  • Custom cabinets and furniture that I build myself in our shop.
  • In floor heating – it’s not just for bathrooms anymore, you can use it under laminate flooring as well.
  • Insulated subfloors to allow for possible laminate or hardwood installation.
  • Match almost any door and trim styles to make a seamless transition between living spaces
  • Matching paint, trim, doors, and hardware from your existing space to create a seamless transition.
  • Media centres and home theatre wiring.
  • Natural gas lines for your stove or BBQ!
  • Natural stonework to create unique rock walls for features such as fireplaces.
  • Roxul insulation for fire separation and soundproofing for superior sound control.
  • Safe & Sound Roxul insulation for fire separation and sound proofing, for that basement suite you want to rent out for extra income, or the media room that will have a booming surround sound to keep the noise contained.
  • Textured ceiling
  • Upgraded flooring, including berber carpet, natural stone, LVT (laminate vinyl tile)
  • Water softener and reverse osmosis systems.
  • And so much more!

Some products, services and procedures we offer in basements that increase efficiency and command a higher resale value are:

  • Permits – we will not do work without proper approval needed for development, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
  • We remove steel studs and replace it with wood as it is structurally inferior, cannot support heavy objects (TVs), any condensation issues between the foundation and drywall can cause mould, and anywhere there is moisture any electrical faults can result in serious damage.
  • We create a proper building envelope to protect the exterior walls in case water ever does get in, by installing a vapour barrier behind the framing.
  • We use upgraded stain-resistant carpet, which is so durable that even iodine will wash off with soap and warm water, as well as a moisture resistant underpad with a protective membrane.
  • We use a freeze resistant electrical wire – won’t crack when used in cold weather installations.
  • We include data and USB outlets in every job.
  • We help our clients with the design process for their floorplan and assist with choices they need to make or put them in touch with the specialists that we work with through our suppliers to make the decisions they need.
  • We provide wire installation for future home theatre systems.
  • In every bathroom installation, we use special tubs that come in 4 pieces which enable us to build a fully functional tub and shower surround. It has reinforced bottom and side walls that will allow it to last 3-4 times longer and keep water warmer.
  • For all wet locations, we use a cement foam board that guarantees 100% water protection for 10 years, or they will replace it along with the product installed over top of it.
  • We offer a furnace cleaning at the end of each job, even in new construction as they are not typically cleaned before the home is finished. This also allows for an inspection of the system as well as the hot water tank.
  • Our standard basement development in a new home includes the previously mentioned items and starts at approximately $50 per square foot. This is considered a mid-level finish in comparison with other renovation companies, who charge a similar price point for the bare basics.

  • Contact us today with any questions you may have about your next project. We can pre-qualify your needs, and offer a free in-home assessment and/or estimate!